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Today it is extremely easy to keep your personal notes only. Evernote offers it's users a great tool and application for organizing notes, and even further - lot's of companies are using Evernote to run their business.

However, as in any electronic communications, and due to recent known revelations, it is a good question to think about - how secure is our personal content online? Evernote gave users all possible means to keep their ideas, thoughts, personal journals as easy as possible, but they all are visible to anybody who get's access to user accounts.

And also an important question is - what if users want to keep their personal journals private from other peoples eyes? All current security in Evernote is concentrated around the access to the journals. But once you get this access, you have everything.

We develop our products with the focus on protecting the content itself - and not the communications channel or access to the content. pkiNote Free Edition is a way of protecting the core information, the content itself by using cryptographic functions. We have compiled a small video to show you how you can protect your personal notes using pkiNote Free Edition. You can contact us if you would like to have more details or if you have any questions.

Evernote encrypted notes and secure notebooks with pkiNote Free Edition

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