About PKI

The security in today's burst of online world is a hot topic. In order to understand and secure yourself it is very important to have a good theorical background on information security. So far PKI or public key infrastructure has been a topic that seemed to be very complex to understand. It is true that one needs to take some time to understand PKI, but what is more important is to see that it is not difficult at all. This section will help you with basics and provide examples and we hope that it will clear basic questions for you. Below you will find chapter focusing on each specific topic and if you are new to PKI and certificates, we suggest that you start with Understand PKI topic.

Understanding PKI

What is PKI? What is a certificate? What is a digital signature? What are those scary terms? Read more in this chapters and you will see that PKI is easy, and there is nothing really complicated, just some new things which you need to understand and secure your data and identity easily.

About buypki.com

PKI relies on cryptography and it is very important to understand local limitations of PKI usage. Check out this section to have a look at official information of PKI usage, about functioning of BUYPKI portal. Here also you will find additional information about cryptography official resource per country.