TransCert Registration Authority

TransCert Registration Authority or TransCert RA is a software pack which allows you to create your Registration Authority for handling X.509 certificates in your infrastructure.
It will allow you to control users, requests and certificates and handle daily operations with Certificate Authority. TransCert RA package includes server and client software.

Main features

  • user registration management
  • certificate requests creation
  • request management (approving, rejecting, suspending)
  • issuing X.509 certificates
  • issuing CA certificates
  • CRL managemenet
  • user certificate management

Operating systems support

  • Microsoft Windows 95 OSR2/98SE/ME/XP SP2/Vista/7
  • Microsoft Windows NT4.0 SP6/2000SP4/2003 Server/2008 Server


  • Microsoft IIS v5.0 or higher
  • Apache HTTP v1.3 or higher
  • MySQL server v3.2 or higher
  • MyODBC v3.5 or higher
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2000 or higher
  • PHP v4.3 or higher
  • For clients: Internet Explorer v4.0 or higher, Mozilla Firefox v7.0 or higher.