pkiStorage - Encrypted storage for your X.509 certificates and passwords

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pkiStorage is an encrypted storage software for your passwords and X.509 certificates. pkiStorage has the following features:

  • encrypted storage of passwords, PINs and etc.
  • encrypted storage of X.509 certificates (including PFX, e.g. certificates with private keys)
  • support of autoregistration of X.509 certificates in Windows registry upon opening the storage and deregistration upon closing the storage. This allows you to keep all your certificates secure from Windows Registry and use them only when needed.
  • support of USB - pkiStorage automatically can find encrypted storage on any USB device when it is plugged in. And with combination of autoregistration of certificates you can have a mobile encrypted certificate storage.

pkiStorage version 1.0.2 x86 download link:
User Guide:
This free version has certain limitation. In corporate version it is possible to specify USB or USB key serial number thus a storage can be opened only on this selected device.

Please read the user guide. You can also find demo certificates in /certs folder. You can contact us for more information using our contact form or writing to us at:

More guides and additional information can be found on our buypki Youtube channel. Here is the overview video: