TransFile series

TransFile series is a software pack which enables your secure file operations infrastructure. It allows to operate with global file storages allowing remote usage of files by authenticated users and clients over Internet or Intranet. Another use of this software series can be migration from traditional file handling systems to new technologies platforms of data exchange such as SOA, WebServices, XML and SOAP.

TransFile File Processing Server

TransFile FPS is a part of TransFile series and is designed to create a cryptographic security infrastructure for file security using encryption, digital signature and hash function calculations. Software pack consists of the server, client and gateway.

TransFile Symmetric File Transfer

TransFile SFiT is a software pack for secure file transfer on TCP/IP protocol. It is designed to enable encryption on TCP/IP protocol level to enable VPN like infrastructure from remote clients.

TransFile Web Services File Transfer (WSFT)

TransFile WSFT is a software pack for secure file transfer using Web Services. It is designed to establish authentication and encryption for web services.