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Today it is extremely easy to keep your personal notes only. Evernote offers it's users a great tool and application for organizing notes, and even further - lot's of companies are using Evernote to run their business.

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Flickr photo protection - encryption and digital signature

Recently Yahoo's Flickr made a bold move and allowed allowed almost infinite space (1 Terabyte) for user’s photos. Such functionalities now allow users to upload photos of highest and original quality, and Flickr won't be post-processing them to save the disk space.

Protection of any media file using X.509 certificates

In recent developments we presented TransCrypt Image, which is based on our developed SDK and libraries, and allow you to protect JPEG images with X.509 certificates. You can encrypt an image, you sign an image. Such possibilities allow you to protect your images (from copying or altering) and be sure that only desired people can see it. From operating system point of view those files seem like normal JPEG pictures, which is a major difference from other encryption methods that create special containers and put files there.

Virtual Registration Authority: PKI Cloud SaaS solution

Let’s first go back and clarify what is a registration authority. You can check registration authority term in our documentation section, and briefly it is an intermediate entity to handle user requests for certificates. Usually, in all commercial solutions Registration Authority (further, RA) is a part of a solution together with Certificate Authority.

The world is open

We live in open world. We share, we like, we twit, we post, all this construct our personality, and it is becoming very difficult to restrain yourself from showing more personal information. Recent buzz about well-know social networks privacy policies and settings, together with constant flow of leaking personal private pictures (sometimes intentionally, of course) and serious discussions about personal privacy in media leads us to a complicated problem: how to be social in controllable manner?

Cryptography for all

Not so long ago terms like “cryptography”, “encryption”, “authentication” and others associated in ordinary people’s mind like something mysterious, used by spies, intelligence and secret radio transmissions. When we see in movies about secret operations, encrypted transmissions (like german encrypting machine “Enigma”), we feel like this is something unreachable for ordinary people.

The future is PKI

Is there a future for PKI? Of course. The less forests we have, the more brighter is the future of PKI – this can seem a bad joke, but unfortunately this is sad truth. PKI allows to change paper documents for electronic ones, and thus significantly decrease paper use and save our forests.

Why Digital Certificates?

In ordinary life a certificate for anybody means a proof of quality of service or product. We get used to fact that if product or service has a certificate then high quality of this product is guaranteed by manufacturer or service provider. Moreover, as employees we meet certificates or certification when we finish specific trainings or programs or pass exams.

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